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"This Realtor Guarantees. . . He Will Sell Your Home In the Next 60 Days!”

You could be facing any number of these scenarios:
  • You needed to move two months ago
  • You can't afford to have your house sit on the market month after month
  • You can't support two house payments 
  • You have been transfered and need to sell now!
  • You have had some hardship, loss or divorce in your life and need to sell
  • You owe more on your house than it is worth
  • With the right guidance, you can get your home sold!
Virtually every Realtor will promise you the world in terms of effectively marketing and selling of your home, but how many of them are willing to back up their promises with a solid performance guarantee? Success in selling real estate is being able to sell a home in a reasonable amount of time before it is perceived by the marketplace as an undesirable or otherwise stale listing.

Like it or not, virtually every buyer asks, before viewing the property or deciding to make an offer, how long has the home been on the market. In most cases, sellers will have the highest chance of receiving a solid offer for their home within the first four to six week timeframe. If the home has been on the market longer, odds that you will be receiving low-ball offers, one after another, will increase exponentially. Especially in today's declining market, that additional time will surely translate to money lost from your bottom line. Great agents are aware of this inverse relationship that exists, between Market Time and the Sales Price. That is why, it is so important to hire an agent who fully understands these market dynamics and is willing to be accountable to you.

"Your Agent Needs To Have The Same Sense Of Urgency That You And Your Family Have!"
  • In our local DFW market, for every two real estate signs that are put in the ground; one house will sell and one house will not sell.
  • In our local DFW market, the average time to sell a house has increased from an average of 60 days in 2006 to almost 90 days in 2010
  • In our local DFW market, we are still in an aggressive buyers market 

The years of sticking a sign in your yard and getting your home sold quickly are gone!

70% of all real estate agents don't make it one year in the business.  They don't have the knowledge and expertise to market properties aggressivley.  Gone are the days when a part time agent could stick a sign in the yard, disapear for a couple of weeks and bring you an offer.  Today, your real estate professional HAS to have experience, education and dedication to get a home sold. 

How do houses have the best chances of getting sold you ask?

Carfully crafted, tested and costly marketing campaigns that cause your home to stand out to buyers and buyers realtors that will bring the showings to your door!  This marketing campaign would have to consist of:

  • Direct mail
  • Extensive online marketing
  • Print marketing
  • Virtual tours
  • Crafty and extensive call capture technology
  • Text to phone marketing of your home
  • to name just a few....

Selling your home in this market is a full time job.  Selling your home in this market requires experience.  Selling your home in this market requires a proven results oriented professional.  It takes a professional that understands your real estate needs and putting a comprehensive marketing package that will get your home sold faster and for top dollar.  

J.J. has been one of DFW's premier listing agents.  He get's results that you need.  Results to get your family to their next destination.  Results that protect your bottom line.  Results that make you stand out to your neighbors.  Results that are effecient
J.J. has had such tremendous success (even in a down market) that he guarantees, in writing that he will sell your home in 60 days or pay you!

J.J. has had such tremendous success (even in a down market) that he allows you to fire him at any time!

Where's the risk to you?

There is none.....

That is unless you don't want to sell your home.  There is high risk that with J.J.'s marketing campaign, written guarantee and easy exit listing agreement, you could be homeless real soon!




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J.J. wants to be your go to guy when you have a question about today's real estate market.  He has put many special reports together based on his years of real estate experience and is offering these reports FREE to visitors of this website only! 

This is MUST have information if you are coming up on needing to sell your home in this real estate market. 


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Send me the $49 special Sellers report, "How To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price Possible" for FREE
Send me the $49 special Sellers report, "Squeezing Every Last Dollar From Your Home Sale" for FREE
Send me the $49 special Sellers report, "29 Critical Questions To Ask Your Realtor Before You List AGAIN!"
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